Think4Future professionals have been working for many years to support companies in the healthcare industry by helping them to develop state-of-the-art IT and organizational solutions.

Particular attention has been paid to patient’s support, to his/her well-being, through the use of technology (cellular, internet, wearable ...)

Attention has been focused not so much on technology in itself but on the use it can make, on the impact it may have on people's lives, on how to interact with it to improve the physical and psychological well-being of people.

As part of m-Health, Think4Future has developed an original approach aimed at increasing steadiness by people who have to take long-term pharmacological therapies.

Through LifeCharger, Think4Future aims to contribute to patient empowerment and engagement in the medium to long term.

In this field Thnk4Future has developed significant collaborations with Universities, Research Centers and hospitals.